NEXT Research and Development Center

The NEXT Research and Development Center is an interdisciplinary research and development of advanced information processing, environment and energy technologies; management, healthcare, and government innovations.

This operational unit of Shinawatra University is under the NEXT Institute which provides research and development, continuing education, startup, and consulting services. NEXT RDC is missioned to build up the advanced research and commercialization capabilities by joint research cooperation with international partners.


Currently, there are seven areas of research and development concentrations.

  1. Smart City Group
    We try to address complex problems in a city and find solutions for inhabitants to lead happier lives.
    – Smart System
    This is the main area of our research effort: our researchers try to find the best way to incorporate context-awareness to make the system starter.
    – Cultural Heritage
    We plan to introduce new methods in preserving cultural heritage and to detail through new media
    – AgriFood
    Our research focuses on the methods and systems that will help our exporters produce high quality products and reach the global market.
    – Language Technology
    This area of research focuses on applying technology to help learning and applying the English and Chinese languages for Thais.
  1. Business Process Management Group
    We address problems arising from corporate inefficiency from manual workflow procedure and develop the workflow solutions that to expedite the achievement of goals.
  2. Clean Energy Group
    Our research trust is based on deep understanding of the nature of human and social needs of energy and clean environment needs. We focus on finding innovative approaches to integrating various technology and energy-oriented business processes to create the most appropriate system for developing countries.
  1.  Strategic Management Research
    Our strategic management research focuses on finding effective combinations of best practice and simplified strategic management template that can help SMEs applying them to run their businesses. We also investigate issues of cross-cultural strategic management at the micro level so that shared strategic vision can be the foundation of success.
  1. The AEC and One Belt One Road Research Group
    This research group has conducted research in the Mekong Sub Region and special economic zones in Thailand and Myanmar. The current expansion of our research is designed to address strategic issues vital to successful cooperation with China’s projects maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt. Our focus is on the cultural, legal and technical aspects to facilitating the flow of goods, services and people in and around AEC through the AEC-China corridor.
  1. Tourism and Hospitality Innovation Group
    Our research focuses on finding innovative processes and creating suitable tools to facilitate the delivery of better, more efficient services to tourists and customers. Information technology, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligent are applied to prototype the next generation of tourism and hospitality products.
  1. IT Innovation Research Group
    Our research group focuses on inventing new applications by integrating state of the art, hardware and software (such as cognitive computing, neural network, semantic networks, IoT and big data), to create breakthrough applications.