RDC Researchers and Executives

Wuttipong Pongsuwan, Ph.D.

RDC Executive Director

Executive Director Wuttipong joined Shinawatra University (SIU) in 2015. He is a member of the National Research Council (NRC) Committee and member of the commission on government information.  He brings in 20 years of public and private sectors including the Royal Thai Navy, the National Electronic and Computer Center (NECTEC) and the Software Promotion Agency (SIPA). He was also funded by the NRC to develop portal site for public knowledge-based media wiki and open source software.

Professor Vutthi Bhanthumnavin, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Professor Vutthi is a pioneer in nuclear energy. His current research emphasis is in several areas including nuclear energy management & public acceptance, hydrogen fuel in transportation and CHP, renewable and clean energy storage, and modular nuclear reactors (MNR). Dr. Vutthi graduated as a PhD holder in Nuclear Physics from the University of Maryland, USA, MS in Nuclear Physics from of University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA and took A.B. degree from UC Berkeley, USA. His exemplary career and accomplishments earned him The First Sawarazmi Prize from International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), IAEA/UNESCO, and Trieste, Italy.

Associate Professor Suchai Thanawastien, Ph.D.


Dr. Suchai Thanawastien was a research faculty member at the Center for Advanced Computer Study, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA.  His research ranged from self-checking systems to innovative application of information technology. He leads a group of doctoral students conducting research in various aspects of the smart city paradigm. He aims at applying context aware system and business process management to create the next generation of software and systems that will increase the happiness of urban people.  He took his B.Eng from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. His MSEE in Computer Engineering is from the University of Southern California, USA and his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, Alabama, USA. He was a member of the research faculty at the Center for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA.

Associate Professor Apichat Praditsmanont, Ph.D.


Associate Professor Apichat Praditsmanont’s research focuses on sustainable design, building energy performance and computation and simulation for energy analysis and air ventilation in buildings. In 2004, his technical report on the Central Academic Building (CAB), Shinawatra University (an energy efficient building for a better quality of life) won the ASEAN Energy Award for Excellence in Energy Saving Management.  In his doctoral research, he developed computer programs for air ventilation and thermal comfort analysis in architectural space, and published paper on numerical model for air ventilation. Dr. Apichat graduated BA in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. His Master and Ph.D. in Energy Conservation and Architecture were from University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Assistant Professor John Christopher Walsh, Ph.D.


Dr. John received his Ph.D. in Market Entry Strategy and Success from the University of Oxford, UK.  He worked as a consultant in marketing in the UK. He joined SIU as a research faculty member responsible for the GMS project and for supervising doctoral students for the School of Management. He holds the positioning of regional editor of the prestigious journal Emerald Emerging Market Case Study Series.  He is also the editor of Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research. His research interests include the study of special economic zones, GMS policy and implementation within the context of globalization, the AEC and China OBOR policy.