RDC Research Partnership

cnr quadrato ingleseNational Research Council of Italy (CNR)

CNR is the National Research Council of Italy. The CNR has a budget over 50,000 million Baht and over 10,000 personnel. In 2012, the CNR published over 5000 articles in top-tier ISI journals.  On 12 February 2016, SIU and CNR will sign an MOU to start joint research programs in the following areas,

  1. Academic cooperation,
  2. Developing forms of cooperation in the following areas:
    2.1 Cultural Heritage
    2.2 Environment – Pollution
    2.3 Agrofood
    2.4 Life Science
    2.5 ICT
    2.6 Smart Cities
  1. Developing joint projects
  2. Organizing joint workshops
  3. Establishing small laboratories for joint use by research teams from both parties
  4. Student recruitment

Other activities mutually agreed upon by the two institutions

As for RDC, the following active projects conducted at SIU will provide a solid foundation to produce immediate tangible results that will be beneficial to Thailand and ItalySIU Advanced Research Activities :

1. Smart City Group
a. Context-aware Smart Homes
b. Collaborative Medical Tourism Trip Planning
c. Context-aware Short Trip Planning
d. Smart City Workforce Management: worker’s pickup problems
e. Information Support for Traffic Avoidance and Heavy Traffic Mediation
f. Travel Information Systems on Intercity Motorways
g. Process-Based University Management
h. Process-Centered Local Government Administration
i. Context-aware Logistics

2. Business Process Management Group
a. University Workflow Re-engineering
b. Process Redesign Based on APQC Cat1-Cat12
c. Process-based CRM
d. Process-based e-Commerce
e. BPM Testing Methodology

3. Environment
a. Metal Foam Filtering of Pollutants
b. Integrated IoT Network for Pollution Monitoring, Identification and Management

4. Agrofood
a. Closed Systems with Cloud Control for High-valued Produce.
b. Context-aware Value Chains for Food Export

5. Cultural Heritage
a. The Thailand Digital Heritage Project
b. Multimedia Cultural Heritage


Rama 9 Hospital

Praram9Hospital_logoOur current research cooperation is in the area of medical tourism.  RDC’s researchers aim at developing a new algorithm for collaborative planning, specifically for medical trip planning for a medical tourist from overseas who desire to receive a medical procedure, recuperate and conduct some personal sightseeing for recreation. The collaborative medical trip planning will give medical tourists control over their plans while they are under the doctor’s supervision. This research is carried out by Ms. Waratsayaree Jirapatcharoen, a doctoral student from SIU’s Ph.D.  IT program.

Precise Green Technology

preciseOur researcher is investing the application of Business Process Management to increase the efficiency of business operations. In this cooperative project, we are also carrying out a study on BPM tools suitable for Thai industry to create workflow applications. Both xpdl and bpmn tools are included in the study.



logoIn 2016, we will work with Plannetcomm to automate the ISO form of processes. Our aim is to reduce the operational compliance cost 20%. Another cooperation is to determine the best approach to promote startups in IoT innovation.


logo (1)Thaicom and SIU have a long-term commitment in supporting constructivist instruction and learning. Researchers from SIU’s School of Liberal Arts have conducted research to determine the effectiveness of applying constructivism at high school level and undergraduate level. In 2016 our researchers will investigate collaborative learning tools that will support active learning space through group projects and the open exchange of ideas.

Voice TVvoicetv21

Current cooperation is centered on manpower development for the digital TV domain. Voice TV and SIU are cooperate on launching BA in Convergence Communications. Students will have the opportunity in undertaking practicum at Voice TV. This kind of experiential learning will lead students placements to greater success in the media industry.