Business Process Management Group

Director :  Dr. Suksawasd  Nuttavuttisit
We address problems arising of corporate inefficiency arising from manual workflow procedure and develop workflow solutions that can operate to achieve goals.

  • APQC Process Framework for Local Government Administration
    The digital government transformation needs to address problems of inefficiency and silo operations of the traditional public sector management framework. Our research focuses on re-engineering and transforming the government operation into a process-based one based on the APQC  process classification framework.
  • ProcessBased Education Management
    Following the US North Star Project, our group will attempt to set up a research platform for developing process-based school administration so as to propose an alternative to traditional school management.
  • Corporate Business Process Improvement and Measurementbusinessprocess
    With the pressure of corporate performance and transparency, our work in this area emphasizes the innovative application of data collection techniques for redefining corporate business analytics. Light of sight and cascade analytics will be defined and measurement studies will be carried out to build a benchmark analytics database for Thai industry.

Researchers:  Dr. Suksawasd, Dr. Prayut, Dr. Suchai, Dr. Wutthipong, Dr. Prinya

Research Assistants:  Natedow, Budit, Pheerapath, Subun.