Clean Energy Group

Director:  Dr. Byaporn
Our research trust is based on deep understanding of the nature of human and social energy and clean environment needs. We focus on finding innovative approaches to integrating various forms of technology and energy-oriented business processes to create the most appropriate systems for developing countries.

  • Smart Home Energy Monitoring and Management
    (Sponsored by SC Asset Corp PCL) SIU’s School of Management Technology (SoMT) research team has worked on an innovative home design project and continuing develop a “Smart Home” system on dashboard and mobile devices for residential buildings.  This system integrates energy monitoring and management with various sustainable design strategies and renewable energy technologies such as roof ventilation systems, solar photovoltaic modules, wind turbines etc.
  • Building Performance Analysis
    Based on our research grant from the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) in 2005, SIU’s SoMT research team has contributed to the analyzing of building energy performance. We will conduct further research on measurement and simulation on thermal, visual and acoustic amenities as well as indoor air quality in buildings that can be monitored in real time and used in controlling the environment in a context-aware fashion.
  • SMR
    One of the most promising forms of technology in the coming decade is the Small Modular Reactor. It is imperative to keep up with this technology. Our research focus on the evaluation of the feasibility of the application of this technology based on various forms of information in the public domain.
  • Energy Servicecleanenergy
    Research in the domain of ESCO focuses on the application of IBM service science to ensure efficiency and service quality. We will also investigate who has BPM can be applied properly to track service projects.

Senior Researchers: Dr. Vutthi, Dr. Dumrong, Dr. Piyaporn Na Nagara

Researchers: Dr. Pruitipong, Dr. Apichat, Martin