IT Innovation Research Group

Director: Dr. Paul Mason

Our research group focuses on inventing new applications by integrating state of the art hardware and software, such as cognitive computing, neural networks, semantic networks, IoT and big data to create breakthrough applications.

  • Software Engineering for IoT Applications
    In designing software for sensor network with hybrid technology and different sensing data stream, it is imperative to address design problems from micro and macro levels. Hence the engineering aspect of software must be addressed in a two-dimensional fashion. Our team will investigate different software engineering methodologies and propose a suitable methodology for developing large scale IoT applications.
  • Short Message Oncologic Natural Language Processingtechnology
    Our research focus here is to explore the natural language processing of short statement in Thai so that embedded command and control action can be carried out. The application area that we will explore is for e-commerce, and public safety.

Dr. Photchanun, Dr. Lin, Dr. Aekavute, Dr. Krissada