Smart City Group

Director: Dr. Suchai Thanawastien

We try to address complex problems in cities and find solutions for their inhabitants to lead happier lives. Currently, the following areas are being investigated.

  • Digital Tourism We conduct research to design practical trip planning systems and adapt them for medial tourism trip planning placing us as first in the world. Also, we aim at developing the next generation of hotel management software
  • Smart Systems This is the main area of our research effort: our researchers try to find the best way to incorporate context-awareness to make system starters.
  • Cultural Heritage We plan to introduce new methods in preserving cultural heritage and to disseminate these through new media.
  • AgriFood Our research focuses on the methods and systems that will help our exporters produce high quality products and reach the global market.
  • Language Technology This area of research focuses on studying cross-cultural methods of learning and applying these to English/Thai/Chinese.  We also attempt to investigate translation gaps in converting English to Thai using the Google translator.

Senior Researchers: Dr. Suchai, Dr. Wuthipong,smartcity

Researchers: Dr. Palphol, Dr. Ampol, Dr. Atipon,  Mr. Andrew. Dr. Steve, Ms. Maureen

Research Assistants:  Prasithichai,  Charn, Bundit, Samard, Nopadol, Patama, Jakraphun