Strategic Management Research Group

Director: Dr Chanchai Bunchapatanasakda

Strategic management is still an active research area.  The issues of aligning limited resources to drive a new corporate goal is a significant challenge. Our strategic management research focuses are :

  • Simplified Strategic Management
    Finding a combination of best practices and simplified strategic management processes that can help corporations at all levels   to have a better chance of achieving their goals.
  • CrossCultural Strategic Management
    We also investigate issues of cross-cultural strategic management at the micro level so that shared strategic visions can be the foundation of success.
  • Strategic Management BPMstrategy
    In working with the BPM research group, we hope to automate some of the typical strategic management implementation processes. The results will be beneficial for SMEs since the ensuing services can be offered through Cloud systems.

Senior Researcher:  Dr. Somchai Ratanakomut

Researchers:  Dr. Kitichock, Mr. Buncha,