Tourism and Hospitality Innovation Group

Director:   Dr. Somchai Ratanakomut

Our research focuses on finding innovative processes and creating tools to facilitate the delivery of better, more efficient services to tourists and customers. Information technology, The Internet of Things and artificial intelligent are applied to prototype the next generation of tourism and hospitality products.

  • Medical Tourism
    We conduct research to design the practical trip planning system and adapt it for medial tourism trip planning, first in the world.
  • Hotel Innovation
    We aim at developing the next generation of hotel management software that integrates media and IMC into the business processes.
  • Digital Trainingtourism
    WE plan to investigate the framework of service science and apply the concept to create a new training content that will be based on the motion graphic, specifically for the hospitality industry.

Senior Researcher: Dr. Prinya

Researcher: Dr. KItichock, Dr. Prayuth

Research Assistant:  Ms. Waratsayaree, Mr. Thitiyuth, Ms. Patama